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And Yet the Earth is Flat

We are in the year 2028, where the four protagonists deal with their daily lives, accompanied by their personal assistant Iris, a chip they wear like a lens in their eye. Iris recognizes what they are doing, what they need and what they feel. She knows when they are hungry and what is good for them. Iris is always online. They train their eyes and reactivity, make their video blogs, dive into virtual worlds and loose the actual contact to other persons.


In And Yet the Earth is Flat we are confronted with the technological future and possible consequences it entails. And the link to the present is obvious. We are already in this bright and flashing playground, where space and time get lost, a virtual world full of possibilities, anytime, anywhere . . . always.

And Yet the Earth is Flat is a performance for young audiences (age 8+) about digital transformation, understanding the difference between illusion and reality and the need to form one’s own opinion. The four performers—Christina Aksoy, Waltraud Brauner, Raffaela Gras, Stefanie Sternig, called kollektiv kunststoff—developed the concept and choreography of the piece. The sounds come from Peter Plos, the virtual visual world from nita. 

“We wipe through galaxies and galeries, we surf on virtual waves through different worlds and select stories and faces. We zoom to the maximum, fly from level to level, snatch at tags, click beyond limits and finally get stuck on screens.” kollektiv kunststoff


Duration: 50 min

Age: 8 – 13 years


Dschungel Wien


Kliker Festival, Varazdin / Kroatien


Wiederaufnahme Dschungel Wien

JUNE 2019

Schäxpir Theaterfestival Linz



Festival Pelzverkehr Klagenfurt


©  Bernhard Wolf

In the future, this
performance will become
a classic. A must see!

Manfred Horak,

Scheibe_credit Nita. draft_und_die_erde_

©  nita


©  Bernhard Wolf

Hardly ever have I experienced the audience in Dschungel Wien theatre so attentive throughout a whole performance.

Edith Wolf Perez,

Choreografie & Performance:

Christina Aksoy, Waltraud Brauner, Raffaela Gras,
Stefanie Sternig

Visuals, Grafik:


Klangregie, Sound:

Peter Plos



Sophie Baumgartner


Dramaturgische Beratung:

Martina Rösler


Technische Leitung:

Silvia Auer



Kollektiv kunststoff


©  Bernhard Wolf

Scheibe_credit Bernhard Wolf_and yet the

©  Bernhard Wolf

The most delightful little piece of civilization criticism these days in Vienna comes from "kollektiv kunststoff" [...] 

Ronald Pohl, Der Standard


©  Bernhard Wolf

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