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Welcome to the waiting room with a side effect: there is no time to lose!

Does time fly by here? Do butterflies tumble out of your tummies here? Does time stretch when you stretch? Can time be drawn from running noses? Can you outrun time with a cast on your leg? Do lice run at a snail's pace across your liver and tickle? Is tickling contagious? Are we allowed to be loud when time stands still? Do we still have time for a heavy heart? Or is the frog about to leap out of our throats? We stare at air holes in paint.

The waiting room becomes a place of encounter, a possibility space where we playfully approach time-body feelings: Is right now? What does a second feel like when you're sick or something hurts? How much time do we have? And what do we do with it?
Let's leave the waiting position, plunge headlong into the now, dive into the fever dream!

credit Waltraud Brauner_web.jpg

© Waltraud Brauner

In the future, this
performance will become
a classic. A must see!

BWO-2023-04-25 Dschungel 00606_web.jpg
BWO-2023-04-25 Dschungel 00864_web.jpg

Headphones on and a wondrous audio walk journey to its most hidden corners begins.

BWO-2023-04-25 Dschungel 01536_web.jpg

Eine Performance for kids





Dschungel Wien

Konzept, Choreografie:
Raffaela Gras 

Komposition, Sounddesign:
Peter Plos

Choreografische Mitarbeit, Performance:
Katharina Senk, Michael Gross, Susanna Peterka, Stefanie Sternig 

Künstlerische Mitarbeit, Stimme:
Sarah Zaharanski 

Christina Aksoy 

Kostüm- und Raumgestaltung:
Sophie Baumgartner

Andreas Grünauer 


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und dem Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport.
Dank an Wuk ttp, Kunsthalle Wien, Darum Kollektiv. 
Besonderer Dank an DARUM, Kunsthalle Wien, WUK ttp 

BWO-2023-04-25 Dschungel 01315_web.jpg

Some of the recorded texts are not just instructions on where to go now, but are poetic thoughts of confrontation with yourself and the world.

BWO-2023-04-25 Dschungel 01315_web.jpg
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