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With two, three, four, five - a life in the moment.

Spontaneous and impulsive.

From the perspective of the little ones, this world full of curiosities not only becomes a maze of the absurd, but a gigantic adventure playground, into which one wants to dive full of excitement.   As soon as kids start moving and freely exploring their environment and realizing its connections, their personal interactive space increases drastically.
„Messer Gabel Schere Licht“ is a dance performance with music and song, which creates small stories around the words „yes“ and „no“. The two protagonists introduce themselves, two friends who don’t always have the same ideas and opinions, but love to play together nevertheless. The meeting of two people, who engage in direct communication with the young audience, and who examine, discuss and decide: 

How far can I go? What do I allow/forbid my opposite and vice versa? Which consequences does each action bring?
And why at all?
Secretly, silently and quietly. In the beginning, the play unfolds harmlessly. The performers appear behind two tables and dive into the multicolor stage world. They play, dance and sing. Carefully the play moves from order to chaos. 
As the play progresses and the performers experiment and create as large amount of material fills the room. Made from tape, a circus tent rises, the floor becomes the wall,  slowly transforming into a finger painting. Soap bubbles spill from a water bucket. A musician, playing guitar with a butter knife appears behind a paper wall through the hole he has cut. In another corner a teddy bear, observing everything comfortably, is unaware as the chaos suddenly takes over….. 
Raffaela Gras und Stefanie Sternig developed the performance in a cooperative process via workshops with various kindergarten groups from Vienna in order to experience from the childrens’ point of view „How far can I go?“ Or „Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone?“ 

Credit Bernhard Wolf_ Messer Gabel Scher

©  Bernhard Wolf

Credit Bernhard Wolf_Messer Gabel Schere

©  Bernhard Wolf


Duration: 45 min

Age: 3 – 6 years


Dschungel Wien



Wiederaufnahme, Dschungel Wien


Gastspiel, Klagenfurt Theater Halle 11


Gastpiel, FRida & freD – Das Grazer Kindermuseum

MÄRZ 2019

Gastpiel, FRida & freD – Das Grazer Kindermuseum


Gastspiel, ARTSPACE – Stift Millstatt

Konzept / Idee:

Raffaela Gras, Stefanie Sternig

Choreografie / Performance:

Raffaela Gras, Stefanie Sternig, Peter Plos


Peter Plos


Silvia Auer

Credit Bernhard Wolf-Messer-Gabel-Schere

©  Bernhard Wolf

Credit Bernhard Wolf _ Messer Gabel Sche

©  Bernhard Wolf

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