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Scope for identity.
History. Inner state.
Crying out and falling silent. Throwing up.
Everything. In the here and now.
Things begin and end. Crawl, swarm, spill out.

There are moments when the question suddenly arises: "Who am I really?". The question about our own self, our own essence, about what makes us unique.

In "MeinAllesaufderWelt", the kunststoff collective embarks on a search for a place that is not located at a specific point, but deals with each individual's way of being: The scope of identity. And presumably - we are all searching for it again and again.

The Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann writes: "The true scene is the inside of people". Based on texts by Ingeborg Bachmann and the personal thoughts, wishes and desires of the performers, who consist of 6 young actors, 3 performers and 2 musicians, "MeinAllesaufderWelt" is all about dance, music and language and around the several-meter-long pile of wood that lies there like piled-up words, which perhaps represents the system in which we live or is regarded as an insurmountable boundary that catches the urgency of the thoughts, wishes and longings and reflects them back like a mirror.

This special place can only be found by overcoming boundaries.

7:30 pm

WUK Vienna


Concept & choreography:
Leonie Humitsch, Stefanie Sternig

Choreographic collaboration:
Waltraud Brauner, Raffaela Gras, Jakob Eder, Lena Grechenig, Johanna Irmann, Patrick Isopp, Kamel Jirjawi, Victoria Prägant, Stefanie Sternig

Composition & sound design:
Peter Plos, Andreas Grünauer

Costume design:
Sophie Baumgartner

Stage design:
Jo Plos

Lighting design:
Veronika Mayerböck

Theresa Plos

Leonie Humitsch, Raffaela Gras


© Foto: Peter Plos  |  Bearbeitung: Theresa Plos


©  ola queen

In the future, this
performance will become
a classic. A must see!


©  ola queen


©  ola queen


©  ola queen


©  ola queen

The most delightful little piece of civilization criticism these days in Vienna comes from "kollektiv kunststoff" [...] 

Ronald Pohl, Der Standard


©  ola queen

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